We had our Organic farm walk recently which was well attended and a great success.

The field walk looked at our cattle happily grazing on white clover pasture. With a proper grass rotation these cattle will require no chemical treatment for parasites.

Our tillage crops were also seen, which consisted of Spring Barley, Spring Oats much of it grown for “Flahavans” for Organic porridge. Our combi crop of peas and wheat which are grown together as a high protein feed, and will be harvested with our combine.

People could see our new crop this year of” Sun Flowers” which were just starting to blossom. These are mainly being grown to be added to our wild birdseed mix. We are also selling the some of the flowers, which look beautiful and are proving very popular with flower shops etc.

The walk finished back at the shed where people could have some refreshments and a chat. They could also see out our farm built machines particularly our 12M Arable crop topper which we use to control wild oats and other tall weeds that grow over the crop canopy.


Some of our “Robins Glen” range of produce were there for people to see and purchase. These are assembled to a high standard and packed in small packs of one, five and twenty five Kg packs. We carry a range of products to cater for a wide diversity of use. Our wild bird feed which contain mixes of grains, crushed pea and wild seeds. We also have a mixes of crushed grains suitable for pets like hamsters etc. For the larger animals we do twenty five Kg packs. Including Oat mixes for horses to crushed grain mixes for cattle. Whatever type of mix our customers want we can supply and also deliver anywhere in thirty two counties.