On Robins Glen Organic Farm.

 We have had a busy few weeks here in Glenmore on our Organic farm. The sunflowers sown in the Spring were growing well at the end of July and here stands Richard planning his next move with the flowers.

We contacted our expert florist friends in Dublin Appassionata flowers to spread the word, as did Claire at the GIY headquarters in Waterford. Thanks folks!

Following a family viewing of the flowers blossoming it was decided that we should share our happy spectacle with all. Little did our boys realize how this would take up a lot of their summer holidays!!

 Many days were spent in our Sunflower field chatting to all who came to see, pick and photograph themselves and the flowers!! In fact our poultry and wild birds food supply was having a good hole put in it as the flowers were being used for their beauty rather than there seeds. But all is well as there was plenty to share around!

Sadly the harsh wind and rain towards the end of August was cruel to the flowers and most lost there glow. We had to close the field to visits as the flowers only deserve to be seen in there full glory.

This great sunset shows the last of the sunflowers but we still have enough to cut for sale on out roadside stall with its honesty box or online in our shop at