We produce a wide range of organic seeds and grains which can be delivered to your door.

When you purchase organic it shows you care about the environment. 
Remember, we eat what our poultry and livestock eat.

Hens instinctively scratch the ground and like to consume a wide range of ingredients. Robins Glen like to add as much diversity as we can to our poultry mixes. At the moment they are a mix of mostly wheat and oats, with some barley, buckwheat and peas. Hens can be a little fussy, but these ingredients are good for us all, and in time we will broaden our range of seeds in our mixes.

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Visits welcome to Sunflower Field when in Bloom.

Health and wellbeing is a dear wish for all.

Living in a good community further enhances our lives, but many of us don’t realise, that a healthy community in our soil, of microbiology and insects, is essential in producing good food, and will help to create a more sustainable world.

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We are members of Talamh Beo – visit their website

Consumer Society

Todays society it is very much focused on consuming, influenced mainly by multinationals. We now have so much information and things, but so little time. The people outside our circle, in the community, are almost forgotten, but these people make up the very fabric of our humanity and have so much to offer and their empowerment could add so much to our lives.

Commercial Farming

The food we consume today, mainly comes from commercial farming, which forces nature to produce large quantities of the same crop, year, after year for convenience and profit. The insects and microbiology are pushed aside, by machinery, chemicals, insecticides, fungicides and others to produce unsustainable and unnatural food.

Empowering the Community

When nature is given a chance, it produces sustainable and quality food, rich in vitamins and minerals to sustain us, and our community’s. This food is more expensive to produce, but this money stays in the community, and will help to empower it.

Join us in our Journey

Fairness in our society and in our farming will set communities on the right path. We in Robins Glen have learned a great deal, but we are only beginning our journey.

Learn more about how your food is produced, source local food as much as you can, try growing some without chemicals (its good exercise), use less processed food, get more involved in your community, join a national group like Farming for Nature & An Talamh Beo, learn and experience how wonderful nature is and share it with others. We would love to hear from you.

Wishing you health and wellbeing.

Visit our open sunflower farm during the summer season