Organic Farming is a growing industry in Ireland. Farmers are starting to see not just the health benefits of organic farming, but also the commercial benefits as the price of livestock and crops fall while the costs of chemicals rise.

Traditional farming does not give the same return on investment as in days gone by, but organic farming can provide a much-needed injection to cashflow. As well as the financial aspect, organic farming in Ireland will also help our environment and human health.

Organically grown crops are much thicker and stronger than fertilised crops, and thus are much more resistant to pests and disease – something which is a worry for many farmers when first converting to organic farming.

Robin’s Glen sell and supply organic wheat, organic oats, organic peas, organic barley, and organic bird seed for organic farmers across Ireland. The products you purchase from Robin’s Glen are certified Organic which means they have been produced with no chemical fertilisers, chemicals fungicides, or chemical insecticides.