Well its into July already so for the previous 3 years or crop of sunflowers was well established at this stage but not this year.We were happy to manage to sow the seeds in mid May but heavy rains followed and lots of crows so by mid June we had to face a crop failure.But Richard was not giving in so another batch of seeds were sown but we are well behind schedule this year. We are hoping for an indian summer to afford us some oppertunity to harvest the seed in late September. But at the moment thats being abit previous as our current challenge is the CROWS again. They must be very hungry this year as they were’nt so problamatic last year. Anyone got any solutions? We have being using a banger, shooting at them and using a scarecrow but they are just so cheeky. We are really facing the challenges of organic tillage farming at the moment.We will just have to hope for the joy of a field of sunflowers to share with you all later.Fingers crossed.