Sunnies In Bloom 2017 Robins Glen Farm.


At long last our Sunflowers have come into bloom for September. Its been a long wait for us and others who visited our flowers last year.We have had lots of enquiries on our FB page about visiting the flowers this year.We have certainly learned from last years visitors that the power of social media can be truly impressive…. just as long as its used in a positive way !
We opened our Sunflower field to visitors last weekend and thanks to all who have come to pick there own sunflowers ,spend time in the countryside, get lots of fresh air and lots of photos. We certainly have become an attraction for photographers near and far.
Hello to our Kuwaiti visitors who travelled from Dublin, our campervan friends who came from Co. Clare 2 weekends in a row to see the flowers in bloom and all the junior and senior infants from our local school who called to visit. We were only sorry that we didnt think to take a photo of the little ones leaving with a flower each. I do admire teachers what a job!!
Anyway all are welcome to come and visit while the flowers are in bloom.