Sarpo Una potato variety for seed


Variety: Sarpo Una


Perfect for container growing.

Big yelds if left to grow. Harvest early as a waxy salad, leave longer for heavy crop of baking potatoes.
Good all round blight and disease tolerance.

Delicate taste with a pure white flesh.

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The Sarpo difference

  • The most blight tolerant potato family available
  • The easiest potato varieties to grow
  • Dense foliage that smothers weeds
  • No-spray potatoes for great results
  • Will keep all winter without sprouting

Did you know

Top chefs recommend Sarpo Potatoes for flavour and cookability.
Within the Sarpo potato family are some of the only varieties that are resistant to the devastating Blue 13 blight strain.
Sarpos come from the UK’s only ethical potato breeder and producer.
Potatoes you buy in your supermarket are sprayed weekly throughout their cultivation as well as during storage to prevent sprouting.

How to grow Sarpos

Get them off to an early start by chitting to help break their dormancy.
Plant at a depth of 10cm (4*) and space them in the row at 30-45cm (12-18*).
Rows can be up to 75cm (30″) apart.

With most Sarpos you can harvest early, but grow for longer to get even bigger yields.
When potatoes have reached the desired size, cut off the foliage to stop potatoes getting too large.

If storing, leave in the ground for 3 weeks before lifting to allow skins to thicken. Store in a cool dark place where they will keep for months.

Top tips!

Some Sarpo varieties just keep growing, the longer they grow, the bigger they get.
Keep some tubers to plant in July, for new potatoes in autumn!
Sarpos may develop some spots of potato blight, but will still outperform their rivals.
Each variety has its best culinary uses.

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