Organic Oats for Livestock

Organic oats

Growing the Crop Growing Oats in very easy to grow organically. It grows tall helping to shade out the weeds underneath. It requires a lower PH and lower soil fertility to grow. However in the rotation, it can only be grown a maximum of two years in a row. This is because a type of eelworm can take hold in the soil making it impossible to grow oats in that land for decades to come.

Suitable Uses. Oats are a high energy grain with a wide range of uses, including livestock consumption for sheep, horses, cattle, and poultry. Oats is good in a mix to fatten livestock.

Why Use Organic Oats:
Robins Glen Organic Oats is very palatable grain, with a higher nutrient value than other grain. Lower in starch but released slower and is more digestible.

Types: Rolled Oats, Crushed Oats & Whole Oats

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