Open Day on Robins Glen Organic Farm.

Robins Glen is a busy farm these times ( always is ) but a little more than usual as we prepare for our first National Organic Farm walk on Thursday 31st July. So for a start can we offer an open invitation to all interested in a simple and sustainable lifestyle to come and experience life on an Irish Organic farm. The farm walk is scheduled to start at 2pm in the farmyard and then involves looking at various crops grown on the farm ie. Oats ,wheat ,barley ,sunflowers and clover.

Sunflower blog (800x450)

The cattle will also be visited which could be described as a luck dip of many breeds happily grazing in the bright July sunshine (we hope)!

Farm walk Blog (800x450)

Anyway the walk might just give you a feel for how local organic, GMO free farming can offer us a healthier and more  long term way of life for ourselves and our families and protect the  wonderful environment we have in Ireland.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

Richard & Eleanor.