Sunnies In Bloom 2017 Robins Glen Farm.


At long last our Sunflowers have come into bloom for September. Its been a long wait for us and others who visited our flowers last year.We have had lots of enquiries on our FB page about visiting the flowers this year.We have certainly learned from last years visitors that the power of social media can be truly impressive…. just as long as its used in a positive way !
We opened our Sunflower field to visitors last weekend and thanks to all who have come to pick there own sunflowers ,spend time in the countryside, get lots of fresh air and lots of photos. We certainly have become an attraction for photographers near and far.
Hello to our Kuwaiti visitors who travelled from Dublin, our campervan friends who came from Co. Clare 2 weekends in a row to see the flowers in bloom and all the junior and senior infants from our local school who called to visit. We were only sorry that we didnt think to take a photo of the little ones leaving with a flower each. I do admire teachers what a job!!
Anyway all are welcome to come and visit while the flowers are in bloom.



Well its into July already so for the previous 3 years or crop of sunflowers was well established at this stage but not this year.We were happy to manage to sow the seeds in mid May but heavy rains followed and lots of crows so by mid June we had to face a crop failure.But Richard was not giving in so another batch of seeds were sown but we are well behind schedule this year. We are hoping for an indian summer to afford us some oppertunity to harvest the seed in late September. But at the moment thats being abit previous as our current challenge is the CROWS again. They must be very hungry this year as they were’nt so problamatic last year. Anyone got any solutions? We have being using a banger, shooting at them and using a scarecrow but they are just so cheeky. We are really facing the challenges of organic tillage farming at the moment.We will just have to hope for the joy of a field of sunflowers to share with you all later.Fingers crossed.

Successful Farm Walk.

We had our Organic farm walk recently which was well attended and a great success.

The field walk looked at our cattle happily grazing on white clover pasture. With a proper grass rotation these cattle will require no chemical treatment for parasites.

Our tillage crops were also seen, which consisted of Spring Barley, Spring Oats much of it grown for “Flahavans” for Organic porridge. Our combi crop of peas and wheat which are grown together as a high protein feed, and will be harvested with our combine.

People could see our new crop this year of” Sun Flowers” which were just starting to blossom. These are mainly being grown to be added to our wild birdseed mix. We are also selling the some of the flowers, which look beautiful and are proving very popular with flower shops etc.

The walk finished back at the shed where people could have some refreshments and a chat. They could also see out our farm built machines particularly our 12M Arable crop topper which we use to control wild oats and other tall weeds that grow over the crop canopy.

Some of our “Robins Glen” range of produce were there for people to see and purchase. These are assembled to a high standard and packed in small packs of one, five and twenty five Kg packs. We carry a range of products to cater for a wide diversity of use. Our wild bird feed which contain mixes of grains, crushed pea and wild seeds. We also have a mixes of crushed grains suitable for pets like hamsters etc. For the larger animals we do twenty five Kg packs. Including Oat mixes for horses to crushed grain mixes for cattle. Whatever type of mix our customers want we can supply and also deliver anywhere in thirty two counties.

Our Sunflowers in 16


On Robins Glen Organic Farm.

We have had a busy few weeks here in Glenmore on our Organic farm. The sunflowers sown in the Spring were growing well at the end of July and here stands Richard planning his next move with the flowers.

We contacted our expert florist friends in Dublin Appassionata flowers to spread the word, as did Claire at the GIY headquarters in Waterford. Thanks folks!

Following a family viewing of the flowers blossoming it was decided that we should share our happy spectacle with all. Little did our boys realize how this would take up a lot of their summer holidays!!

Many days were spent in our Sunflower field chatting to all who came to see, pick and photograph themselves and the flowers!! In fact our poultry and wild birds food supply was having a good hole put in it as the flowers were being used for their beauty rather than there seeds. But all is well as there was plenty to share around!

Sadly the harsh wind and rain towards the end of August was cruel to the flowers and most lost there glow. We had to close the field to visits as the flowers only deserve to be seen in there full glory.

This great sunset shows the last of the sunflowers but we still have enough to cut for sale on out roadside stall with its honesty box or online in our shop at

Sunset on the sunflowers by Kristin Gray Photography

Open Day on Robins Glen Organic Farm.

Robins Glen is a busy farm these times ( always is ) but a little more than usual as we prepare for our first National Organic Farm walk on Thursday 31st July. So for a start can we offer an open invitation to all interested in a simple and sustainable lifestyle to come and experience life on an Irish Organic farm. The farm walk is scheduled to start at 2pm in the farmyard and then involves looking at various crops grown on the farm ie. Oats ,wheat ,barley ,sunflowers and clover.

Sunflower blog (800x450)

The cattle will also be visited which could be described as a luck dip of many breeds happily grazing in the bright July sunshine (we hope)!

Farm walk Blog (800x450)

Anyway the walk might just give you a feel for how local organic, GMO free farming can offer us a healthier and more  long term way of life for ourselves and our families and protect the  wonderful environment we have in Ireland.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

Richard & Eleanor.

Organic Farming in Ireland

organic-farm-2Organic Farming is a growing industry in Ireland. Farmers are starting to see not just the health benefits of organic farming, but also the commercial benefits as the price of livestock and crops fall while the costs of chemicals rise.
Traditional farming does not give the same return on investment as in days gone by, but organic farming can provide a much-needed injection to cashflow. As well as the financial aspect, organic farming in Ireland will also help our environment and human health.
Organically grown crops are much thicker and stronger than fertilised crops, and thus are much more resistant to pests and disease – something which is a worry for many farmers when first converting to organic farming.
Robin’s Glen sell and supply organic wheat, organic oats, organic peas, organic barley, and organic bird seed for organic farmers across Ireland. The products you purchase from Robin’s Glen are certified Organic which means they have been produced with no chemical fertilisers, chemicals fungicides, or chemical insecticides.